OneOffixx template management for Microsoft Office:
CI/CD-conform documents created quickly and easily

OneOffixx creates personalized document templates for each user
OneOffixx enables template updates by authorized departments and users
More efficiency - less support requests: OneOffixx facilitates Office
OneOffixx automatically distributes the latest and legally certain documents
CI/CD conform OneOffixx documents strengthen your brands
OneOffixx is also available for Office 365 and as SaaS
OneOffixx: personalisierte Dokumentvorlagen für jeden Anwender
OneOffixx ermöglicht Vorlagenpflege durch Fachabteilungen
Mehr Effizienz - weniger Supportanfragen: OneOffixx macht Office einfacher
Rechtssichere Dokumente mit OneOffixx - firmenübergreifend und aktuell
OneOffixx stärkt Ihre Brands durch CI/CD-konforme Dokumente
OneOffixx - auch für Office 365 und als SaaS erhältlich

Template management software OneOffixx

Thanks to OneOffixx you can create CI/CD-conform documents with just a few clicks. OneOffixx’s popular and well-established software is integrated directly into the user interface of Microsoft Office, which ensures that your staff will be up and running in no time. This ease of use ensures that your staff will be able to work independently sooner and will require less IT support. The overall number of templates can be reduced significantly, because all templates are made up of dynamic elements. This popular template management solution offers the following benefits:

Frees up IT capacity

Frees up IT capacity

If required, departments can manage and update their document templates themselves, without needing assistance from IT. Our software distributes updates automatically in the background. Migration from one Office version to a new version is also handled automatically. Find out more...
Reduces support tickets

Reduces support tickets

Users work more independently and need less support, because the creation of CI/CD-conform documents in OneOffixx is much simpler. Our well-established and popular software boasts an exceptional usability. Find out more...
Boosts legal security

Boosts legal security

Authorized users can manage and templates, text blocks and legal entity data up to date and ensure compliance with existing legal requirements. Once updated, every member of staff immediately has access to the newest template versions. This improves compliance and the relevance of your Office documents. Find out more...
Reinforces your brand

Reinforces your brand

Incorrectly displayed logos, wrong brands, out-of-date company data and sloppy formatting are no longer issues with OneOffixx at your side. All document templates are consistent, personalized and correct. This boosts the recognizability of your brand with no additional effort. Find out more...

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